Compassionate Workplace #2: Declutter- It’s not just for Oprah!


March 24, 2013 by tomomikojima

It appears that Oprah has made decluttering her mission in every Spring. And why not? It’s a great thing.

photo-5I have discovered (rather too late) that my productivity is directly related to how clean my desk is. (Surprise!)

I think what’s important is not not my realization but why. My productivity equals to my creativity. When I am not being productive, I am not creating anything. I’m not producing anything new, fun, useful or loving. What’s also important is that when I’m not feeling creative, it’s because I often feel anxious. Not all the time. But certainly a lot of the times. I think about unpaid bills, Emails I have not replied, issues I have not dealt with, taxes I have not sorted out etc etc. Cluttering is a way of avoiding and numbing. There are certain things I don’t want to deal with so I pile them up. I “plan” to deal with them in the near future meaning probably never. I’m avoiding to deal with these things. And at the same time, I am numbing myself by piling up. By thinking “well at least I’m aware and “organizing” the paperwork by piling at a specific location”, I am numbing myself. To face anything alone is a scary thing, to face something you procrastinated for long alone is a terrifying thing. I imagine it’s like giving a birth. No matter how much they cry, procrastinate, or prepare, there will be that inevitable date that all pregnant women must face and no one can do it for them.

So I spread out all my “stuff” today and dealt with it one by one. I must say though, I started this process by making a cup of coffee. If your desk has a pile of any sort, try it out by getting a cup of coffee or tea, put on your favourite music and go at it. The result is much more comfortable than starting at it from the corner of your eyes;)


4 thoughts on “Compassionate Workplace #2: Declutter- It’s not just for Oprah!

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  2. Reblogged this on i must have this thing and commented:
    I love hearing how different people ease there way into organizing. Often it’s the “getting started” that’s the hardest barrier to cross.

  3. Great point about planning and avoiding. Keeping something that I either procrastinate doing or think I will do and never have the time or make the time for.

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